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The dreamer, the writer, and the reader

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About Me

Hello everyone!

I have been on Medium for almost a year now, but it is only recently that I came across an About Me story, and just knew I had to write one as well. There is perhaps nothing more perplexing than answering this question the interviewers put in front of you, “How would you describe yourself?”

There is perhaps nothing more perplexing than answering this question the interviewers put in front of you, “How would you describe yourself?”

So let me try and sketch out my condensed autobiography for you…

For the #MyBrag initiative

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Because you need a list you can come back to, to gaze upon, to find courage in, to inspire you after a setback.

And I figured my first self-published piece should be one that will inspire me and I will have full control over.

But first, a pep talk

Dear Nika,

You are a hard worker. You are smart. You know how to balance it out and take care of yourself. You know when to work your ass off and you know when to rest. You are kind. You are helpful. You know how and when to set boundaries. You stand up for yourself. You…

Books, movies, and more!

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What is Dark Academia?

Dark Academia is a genre of literature that literally revolves around academia or learning. Therefore, you will see that it is mostly set in educational institutions and follow the lives of students.

It revolves around the pursuit of knowledge and classical literature. There is also an obsession with Greek mythology, and the vengeance of the Gods is a common element.

The obsessed artist trope is also a great example under this category (think Black Swan and Whiplash).

However, like the term ‘Dark Academia’ itself suggests, it is dark. And no, I don’t simply mean dark shades of colors and poorly…

And a step by step process on how you can transform your own life by adopting minimalism

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“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” -Will Rogers, 1879

My journey into the trend of minimalism started on an entirely different note. 2020 had been a very complicated year for me. It was not at all constant and I had soared, buoyed by my success in academics, and I had also been in the deepest rungs of despair, hopeless and bored with life.

I always place importance on letting myself mope. I believe in the balance — that you need to mope sometimes and then, you…

‘Build Your House Around My Body’, by Violet Kupersmith

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When I had finished reading this book, I was at a loss of words to describe what it was, and how it had made me feel. I still am, in a kind of way. Words have limits, boundaries. They require set definitions that bind the entity into a walled one, limited and tangible. But this book was beyond what words could describe it as.

In my quest to appropriating suitable adjectives to this book, I came across “original”, “heady, gothic spellbinder”, “playful, hypnotic, and bone-chilling”, “mesmerizing”, as well as several comparisons to cobras, like creatures with fangs and claws and…

A dark academia story set in a boarding school

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So recently, I have been in the mood for audiobooks, and I decided to pick up this gem. I had an audiobook of it, thanks to Libro.Fm, and I was in for a ride. Full disclosure, I rated it a solid 5 stars, and I will convince you to give it a read as well!

And as I sit writing this post on the first day of September, these words from the book resonate quite well, bringing on the doom of nostalgia.

It’s always that first September day that returns.

Before we begin, I, of course, have to share a…

A ‘political’ essay on ‘The Only Good Indians’

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Disclaimer: The following words were jotted down by me after reading Stephen Graham Jones’ novel The Only Good Indians. That said, I am NOT a Native American and apologize in advance if you find any of my words offensive. It was not my intention to do so.

Recently, I decided to pick Stephen Graham Jones’ novel The Only Good Indians as my book of choice for a project. The reason I did so was actually a series of events. Firstly, I already had an audiobook of it. Secondly, I had happily claimed it as one of my most anticipated reads…

Why ‘Girl One’ is an important fictional dive into feminist discourse

The author holding “Girl One” by Sara Flannery Murphy above a desk with newspapers and a computer underneath.
Girl One, by Sara Flannery Murphy I Image by the author

One of my major reads of August was Girl One by Sara Flannery Murphy, and I was just blown away by the epiphanies that I had while reading it. In hindsight, I think this is a really dystopian (or ‘utopian’ if you’d rather) take on a feminist fantasy — that of a possible world without men.

Before delving deeper, I have to say that I received a copy of this book from the publishers, but all the thoughts that I will be sharing today are entirely my own and in no way influenced by others.

For your consideration, here is…

On my re-discovery of the city

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When I was tasked with bringing back a vial of Guwahati’s¹ essence, I hadn’t given it much thought. I had done stranger things before, more dangerous, more peculiar. And I had once reigned over her anyway. I was sure it would be a walk in the park for me.

And so, I ventured out, excited and eager, like an animal that had been caged for far too long. I had been given a legitimate excuse to venture out of this corral and prowl the city and haunt my old haunts. …

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