A last letter to my ex

(This article is a sequel to — I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else: Sexual ownership and getting over an ex)

By Nayanika Saikia I Photo of the author

Four years and I think I am finally over you. And my heart feels light and I feel as if I have reached a full circle with you… Or rather, the memories of you. Your chapter is finally over and I can move on, and this time this is for sure. I have outgrown all my hopes and wishes that I had for you and me — our future. …

A list of 10 books to read, share and gift!

Women’s Day is just around the corner and therefore it is no surprise that readers all over the world are streamlining their To-Be-Read lists (TBR) for March. And of course, I being one of them, have mine all ready for the first.

This is a list of ten books, two each from five different genres, that I intend to read/reread in March. I have also made sure to ensure that at least one of the two books is by an Indian woman author. Although we should be reading more women’s literature around the year, we cannot deny that it often…

A list of 19 books to rein you into the world of reading!

Books for Beginners I Photo by Author

I have often come across many people who have asked me to recommend them books once they learned what I do for a living. And so, I had a go-to list of books that I would quote from, every time I got asked this same question again. And I am happy to say, there are quite a few people who loved the books I suggested and have come back for more!

Now this go-to list that I referred to, has been in my head for all this while, and therefore, I thought I would put it down into words and…

A beginner shares her To-Be-Read list

Japanese Literature for Beginners I Photo by Author

There’s something really calming about the Japanese. Be it the Studio Ghibli or the contemporary books that everybody and their mothers are talking about, their way of life is something that makes you want to emulate it too. It will not take much for me to forget about the topic at hand and instead wax poetic about the aesthetics of Japanese culture (as popular media portrays it). And so, without further ado, I will share with you the beginner's edition of a TBR list that I have made for myself.

If you wish to start reading Japanese literature yourself or…

13 actionable tips to increase your reading goals

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

In recent years, I have been smashing my Goodreads reading goals. In 2019, I read 265 books and in 2020, that number was 211. So far in 2021, I have read 18 books already. I have many friends who ask me how I read so much and my answer is unfortunately never complete because it is rather a combination of all the tips I am going to share with you all today.

However, before we begin I must admit that I love reading and hence it never really seems like a chore to me — except perhaps when I need…

8 books to propel you onto a fantastic journey

Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

— Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake

The North-East of India is a diverse land of astounding mountains, rolling valleys, and river plains, accompanied by rivers with various moods. With picturesque, almost fantasy-like picture-postcard perfect scenes, the northeasternmost region of India also boasts of more than 220⁣ ethnic groups and therefore, just as many dialects.⁣

It is therefore expected that the literature being birthed here will be just as diverse and unique.

Separated from Central India via the Chicken’s Neck (the narrow strip of land that connects this region…

A professional blogger on defeating the COVID-induced reading slump

Photo by Distingué CiDDiQi on Unsplash

As our self-isolation period grows inexorably longer, so many of us have started to drift off towards lethargy. And this lethargy is of both the body and the soul. Every day or the other, I come across various statuses put up by people on social media — “Send some inspiration my way!”, or the obvious “I have become so lazy!”

But what I relate to most is the way so many of us avid readers have been drawn away from the whole act of reading. In my bookish community on Instagram, I see so many people sharing their stories of…

Sexual ownership and getting over an ex.

On Sexual Ownership, by Nayanika Saikia I Photo of the author
On Sexual Ownership, by Nayanika Saikia I Photo of the author
On Sexual Ownership, by Nayanika Saikia I Photo of the author

I tell myself that I am over him. It’s been three years and enough time has passed for me to know that he is probably four-five girls over me. He is also probably fucking his way through Guwahati by now. Dear ex, you are a cruel, heartless, soulless machine, sex on legs and probably still the hot mess you are now that you were back then.

So I heard you found somebody else

And at first I thought it was a lie

I took all my things that make sounds

The rest I can do without

I don’t want your…

Works by women writers you need to read

Women-centric literature for 2020 (Image created by author)

In my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to take up the elective Gender Studies. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience and I fell in love with the various books I read. We actually read quite a lot of books which were written by women and since they were all from different time periods, it was really interesting to see how the concept of gender changed and evolved in time. We also learned quite a bit about feminism and womanism.

Today, I decided to compile a list of books, all of these from my shelves, that…

Nayanika Saikia

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